Vision and Mission

Firstly we would describe the appreciative work done by previous position holder members in front of you:-

1. The present office of association has been developed by the support of Mr.Mahaveer Prasad dhamadi and Prem bihani.

2.To make the people of Rajasthan free from tax so with assistance of forti the present working committee organized Sadbhuddi Mahayag at Baddi Copar because of that present government have to abolished tax completely in that the role of Mr. Prem Bihani is commendable.

3.Association has been continuously work in different social issues in which during the time of kargil war contribution of Rs. 4 lakh in CM relief fund is commendable and work of Mr. Parag Coalwal and Minister Mr. Shiv Kumar Rathi is commendable in this whole process.

4. Keeping in mind development of city and problems related to traffic and in addition taking in view the growth of iron ore business development of centralised market has been on priority in planning of association, Since 1992 formed iron merchantile association chairman Mr. Prem Bihani,Ex President Mr Parag Coolwal, Minister Mr. Shiv Kumar Rathi support is commendable and in the year 2000 a proper market had been alloted, for the mutual bonding in b/w the members of association from past few years a get together and cricket tournament has been organised continuously and with the support of Kamdhenu Sariya, Om Narayan Bihadi and premium “TMT” we distributed trophies, medals to the winning teams players for increasing their morale, the work of Sunil Jain is commendable in organising cricket tournaments. With the great effort of top postion holder member of association and Commissioner of JDA Mr. Nihal Chand Goyal,development of newly formed Mochada iron merchantise has been done,out of which 175 no. Plot has been alloted to the association members and with this to develop the iron merchantise community center 200 sq. Feet developed area has been provided at concessional rates and for locating kanta in iron mandi the area has been provided in concessional rates and circular been passed for the development of iron market building material park in addition to this for the development of businessman linked with iron industry the centralised market nearby Iron Mandi in the land of 500 Bigha in developed area option has been inserted ,continuously from past few years tha annual calendar has been presented in a beautiful way and in telephone directory 3rd edition being publishing.In which the name, address and telephone no of all the business man will be published and in addition information regarding necessary services and information regarding iron and steel service enquiry numbers will be displayed, we think that this directory will be really helpful for the businessman , as you see by the side of association the development of iron market has been done and allotment of land has been done for the building, it is necessary that the development of building in the alloted land will in accordance with the reputaion of association and the development should be useful for the members and for that association should have funds, so we appeal each and every members for the development of building please contribute in collection of funds.

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