Orgnisation Overview

25 th December is the auspicious day on which team of 21 businessman came together to form steel merchant associtation for the growth of iron and steel business and resolving the problems of businessman who are linked with the association.

The First working commitee of the association established on 26 January 1983,in which the following committee and working members been elected:- Mr. Babulal Totla (President), Mr. Mahaveer Prasad Dhamadi (Vice Chairman), Mr. Prem Biyani ( Secretary) , Mr. Lakhan Goyal ( Joint –Sectretary), Mr Bhagchand Jain (Treasurer) ,Mr Ayodhya Prasad Khandelwal, Mr Kumud Kumar Goyal, Mr Rajender Prasad Jasoria, Mr. Om Prakash Mandhnia ( Working Members). Due to the activites of associtation in Kalanter the business has been grown rapidly inspite the adverse circumstances of business,in the Jaipur city there is tremendous increase in the businessman who are dealing in iron and steel business because of that to give the association larger preview there is time to time changes in the constitution of association result of that 21 members association has been become 550 members association, to concentrate on each area i.e. North-South-East-West and centre so that each businessman can get support for that association members has been divided into 5 areas and from each area according to a president and number of members the working committee members has been elected.

The election of president has been done by all areas members and other position holders has been elected by pioneer working committee, from the past 30 years each and every working of association has been actively performed and the elections conducted in a democratic manner.

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